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Finding a towing service that fits all your needs of roadside assistancefast and reliable transportgood customer service and an excellent driving record might seem like a challenging and uncomfortable experience. Nobody likes to be stranded on the road and have to call a stranger to come pick them up.

We can assure you that Fort Wayne Towing will more than satisfy all your needs for a quick, affordable tow service. We pride ourselves on our large fleet of vehicles that offer the fastest tow truck service in Fort Wayne that is both competitively priced and safe.

We have professional, responsible and safe drivers available 24/7/365 to tow your automobile where ever you need it towed. Rain or shine, sleet, snow or ice, our drivers can come assist you with all your towing, flat tire, roadside assistance or lockout services needs. We pride ourselves on being the best towing professionals in the Fort Wayne area and we hope to live up to your greatest expectation when you give us a call!

When you’re looking for a wrecker service company that understands your vehicles are an asset and they need to be treated with care to their destination, look no farther than our roadside service professionals at Fort Wayne Towing.

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Fort Wayne Towing provides reliable and trustworthy drivers who have excellent driving records to transport your vehicles from within the area to as far away as you need across state lines.

As a provider of one of an affordable towing truck service, we offer a range of amenities including 24 hour roadside assistance and emergency service at fair and affordable prices you can expect from a high quality service provider.

When you chose us, we assure you your vehicle is in safe hands for transport. Our drivers have extensive knowledge of many types of vehicles to provide you with solutions that can you back on the road when you’re stranded. ​If your vehicle is stranded in the Ft. Wayne, call our towing professionals today!

About Us

Needing a tow truck company usually implies you have an urgent vehicle situation and you need a service that can provide you with efficient transport that respects your time constraints.

Our drivers understand that urgency and they get each and every customer back on the road again or take their vehicles to the required destination. We pride ourselves in being the fastest and safest towing service in the FTW area.

All you need to do is call us today and we’re prepared within minutes to accommodate your request for roadside assistance or transport of your vehicle. We have an extensive fleet of wrecker trucks that ensures we can move just about any vehicle you have from semi trucks to tiny two-seater cars.

We believe the tow truck services we provide our customers with is the best in the area. Give us a call today and we know you won’t be disappointed.

Towing Services in Fort Wayne

Accidents happen. It’s an unfortunate part of owning and driving a vehicle. Even the most experienced drivers can get into trouble and need some help from a 24-hour towing company serving the Ft. Wayne area.

When your vehicle is stuck in the ditch, won’t start, has a dead battery, is out of gas, or has a flat tire and needs some roadside assistance, our car towing service is here to get your car to a destination for repair. We can even provide a wrecker service should your vehicle be totally damaged.

If you have any issue preventing your vehicle from getting you to your destination, call the professionals at Fort Wayne Towing. You can depend on our drivers to assist you.

Also, because we are conveniently located in the central part of Fort Wayne, when you call us and say “is there a tow truck near me?”, we usually can have someone there within the hour to assist you with your roadside service or simple vehicle winch out needs.

Tire Changes

At Fort Wayne Towing, we also help customers in need of a tire change in Fort Wayne. If you’re vehicle has a flat tire or blown out tire, we can come to your location and get your vehicle back in proper working order.

Now days, flat tires happen so rarely that many people don’t think to check if their spare tire has an adequate amount of air pressure. Many times people try changing their tire themselves but discover their spare tire is also flat.

Another common emergency roadside situation is people have trouble getting their vehicle’s lug nuts lose enough to remove the tire, or they don’t happen to have a working jack to lift their vehicle up so the tire can be changed.

Whether you would like help putting on your spare tire, or just need a tow to a nearby tire shop to have your tire fixed, we’re here to help. We can help with almost all light duty tire changes.

Give us a call today and we’ll be there as quickly as we can.

Semi Truck Towing

Without a doubt, the semi truck is one of America’s favorite and most vital transport truck. They are responsible for carrying nearly every kind of good and product around our country. ​Some of our favorite companies like Amazonand Walmart would be crippled overnight if anything happened to our semi-truck drivers.

It’s also well known that semi drivers are some of the best drivers on the road. Averaging 8-10 hours of driving each day, some drivers log hundreds of thousands of miles on their trucks every year.

Even the best semi-trucks break down from time to time. When a semi-truck brakes down, not every wrecker truck company has the heavy duty equipment necessary to tow these trucks to a diesel repair shop, especially if the truck needs towed several miles.

Fort Wayne Towing offers heavy duty towing for such occasions for semi trucks and we have a large fleet of heavy duty trucks that can handle your needs without you calling two and three other services to accommodate all of your semi truck fleet. 

Flatbed Tow Trucks

Safe and convenient transport is what we offer to every client. As a large fleet we have a flatbed tow truck available for towing your vehicle to it’s final destination.

great advantage to flatbed truck is it keeps all four wheels of your vehicle off the ground. If you need a vehicle towed several hundred miles, flatbed towing is the preferred choice because you won’t have the extra ware and tear on your tires.

​Additionally, flatbed tow truck services is the safest form of moving a car because you don’t have to worry about someone rear-ending your vehicle as it’s being towed behind a tow truck. Your vehicle is kept high above the fray of traffic jams and bad weather conditions.

At Fort Wayne Towing we only employ drivers with stellar driving records who know that safety comes first and will not take risks will your vehicle. 

Jump Starts

If you turn the ignition on your vehicle and your lights barely come on, your radio flickers on and off, and your vehicle doesn’t start, there’s a high chance your vehicle needs a jump start.

This is a very common problem on the bitter-cold winter nights of December, January and February. When the weather is cold outside, the cells in your battery cannot produce as much power, making it even harder for your vehicle to start. To fix the problem, you need a set of jumper cables and you need someone with a running vehicle to jump start your car.

We understand that not everyone has a set of jumper cables in their vehicle, and not everyone has someone they can call during the day or middle of the night to help provide your vehicle with the necessary battery charge to get your car started. Additionally, it’s not always safe to flag someone down on the highway because not everyone has good intentions to help.

If you’re stuck in a bind and need someone to help jump start your vehicle, call the pros at Fort Wayne Towing. And if we can’t get your vehicle started, we can conveniently tow your vehicle to a mechanic of your choice who can further diagnose and determine what’s wrong with your vehicle.

Lock Outs

Is there anything worse that being locked out of your car with no chance of getting in except to call a professional locksmith? We all know that sinking feel in our stomachs when we hear the door lock click into the lock position and you realize your car keys are inside instead of in your purse or pocket.

Unfortunately, either you don’t have a second set of keys with you, or your friends and family are nowhere nearby with a set of spare keys. Even the Good Samaritan who offered to help didn’t have the slightest idea how to open smart locks.

When there’s lock out trouble, Fort Wayne Towing is your lifeline to call. Our team has specialized knowledge of traditional and smart locks to get you back inside your vehicle and your keys back into your hand. We even know how to unlock the modern vehicles that don’t have a standard key entry like cars of the past. Newer cars take more modern equipment to get the job done, and we have just want it takes.

Fuel Delivery

Are you in an unfortunate situation and the gas station is more miles away than you anticipated? Or did you vehicle say the gas tank was full but is obviously not working correctly because your vehicle won’t start and is making choking noises for fuel that just isn’t there?

If you are in this situation, there’s no need to stress. You can give us a calland rely on our drivers to get you out of a jam by providing the fuel you need to get you back on the road to your destination.

​Our vehicles are able to hold enough fuel for a full tank of gas or to get you to the nearest gas station if that’s what you prefer. In the cold of winter, we know the last thing you want is to be stranded with your vehicle without it running and keeping you warm.

That’s why we make it our priority to arrive at your vehicle as quickly as we can. If after we refill your gas tank and your vehicle still has trouble starting, you can wait in our warm tow truck while we diagnose your vehicle’s problem and try to get it started again.

​There are times when you just can’t make it to a gas station and you need a safe option to get you off the side of the road, you can depend upon us to assist you. 

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​Emergencies and urgent situations happen when you’re driving vehicles. That’s just life. When you need a full service towing company you can count on to provide 24-hour roadside assistance or provide you with the fastest towing service in the Ft. Wayne area, then you need to contact us. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Just pull out your phone, say “tow truck Fort Wayne” and we will be there in no time at all, any time of day and any season of the year. We offer both professional and cheap towing in Fort Wayne. If you considering calling a friend, or calling our towing company and just want to know the towing service cost, give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with that as well.

Of all the towing companies in Fort Wayne to choose from, we want to be your number one choice. Fort Wayne Towing answers each request as a serious need and we never keep our customers waiting longer than necessary. As soon as you call, we will either dispatch a driver or tell you exactly how long it will be until we can get someone on the road headed to your help. Whether you’ve found us by searching towing Fort Wayne, towing companies in Fort Wayne, or simply tow truck, you can count on us to provide you with emergency roadside assistance in your time of need.

When you hang up with our dispatcher, you can rest easy knowing help is on the way. There’s never a delay and you will always be presented with a good driver with great customer skills and experience who can get you back on the road as quickly as possible

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