Flatbed Towing

No one ever wants their car to stop running and leave them stranded in the road far away from home. Further, no one would ever say they wanted an accident to make their car immovable. Nonetheless, these things sometimes happen when you own a vehicle; it’s a risk we all take as drivers.

​But at least when the unfortunate strikes, you can put safety measures in place to transport your vehicle in a manner that won’t cause it more harm and will allow for transport if the axles are broken causing your wheels not to move. Fort Wayne Towing offers flatbed towing for these instances, lifting the burden of how to transport your vehicle if it can’t be hooked to the back of a tow truck. 

Flatbed towing has many benefits over traditional pull behind towing that leaves your front or back two tires on the ground, especially for long distance towing. Primarily, your vehicle is completely loaded onto the back of our truck, providing additional safety and preventing any further damage to your vehicle. Additionally, when your vehicle needs towed a long distance, a flatbed tow truck allows us to drive normal highways speeds instead of reduced speeds. This saves you time and total towing cost.

Safe Transport
Even if your vehicle hasn’t been in an accident and it drives perfectly, you simply may not want it dragged behind another vehicle. This is particularly true during extreme weather conditions. Flat bed towing protects your cars from careless drivers and accidents due to heavy rain fall, snow storms and high winds.

When you use our flat bed towing you have the benefit of knowing your vehicle is safe high above the fray of bad traffic and bad drivers and bad weather. Our drivers have years of experience and excellent driving records to prove that we provide safe and efficient transport of any type of vehicle you may own.

Fast and Efficient Transport
As a mode of transport, flat bed towing offers vehicle owners a faster way of traveling. The vehicle is supported and secure above ground, ensuring that like normal moving vehicles, the tow truck can move with ease through traffic without the fear of other drivers blocking a clear path for fear of competition of space.

Also, in bad weather conditions, you don’t have to worry about your vehicle being involved in an accident because it’s attached to the back of another vehicle. You have the security of knowing your vehicle will make it to its destination in one piece faster and protected. 

Large Fleet Selection
When you have a high performance vehicle or any vehicle that you’ve invested your money into, it’s an asset and you likely want it delivered intact without any damages. That’s just a normal expectation, however there are many towing services that do not have a large fleet of vehicles to provide you with the option for using a flat bed towing truck.

Fort Wayne Towing offers clients a number of options to transport their vehicle safely from one part of town to the other or for long haul routes across state lines. Because we have countless clients who have a variety of vehicles, we can offer you the benefit of selecting a towing truck that from a wide selection in our fleet. 

Why Hire Usa
There’s no question about it, flatbed service is the safer, faster, more convenient mode of transport for vehicles whether you have a damaged car that is immovable without setting it above or if you require long haul transport that is safe. Our large fleet of towing trucks provides you with a variety of options to select from and you have the guarantee of knowing you’ve selected a company with excellent drivers. 

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