When you get verification your tow truck is on the way to your vehicle, you may feel a bit of relief.

No more worrying about how you’re going to get your vehicle off the road. No more concern about whether you have to do it yourself.

But all of that relief may make you overlook your most expensive asset – yourself!

Don’t worry; with a few tricks you can stay safe while waiting on a tow truck.
Stay out of the way
If you are in an accident or break down, there are few immediate things you should do:

  • Park your vehicle as far out of traffic lanes as possible
  • If your electronics are still operational, activate your hazard lights
  • If you are leaking fluids or if the vehicle is smoking, retreat to a safe distance

Once all those steps are taken and you have contacted a wrecker service, make sure you stay away from active traffic. This rule is especially true if you are on a busy street or thoroughfare. Accidents involving stationary vehicles are extremely common.

If you have to walk any distance from your car, make sure you keep your eye on oncoming traffic. Just because you are on the shoulder doesn’t mean an oncoming car won’t drift and hit you.

If you believe you’re in a particularly dangerous situation, contact the police.
Watch yourself, your belongings
If you find yourself waiting on a tow truck, do not accept rides from strangers. An emergency situation can often leave you in a preoccupied state and more likely to accept help.

Unfortunately, there are those out there willing to take advantage of you in those moments.
Also important, make sure you keep your valuables on your person while waiting. That can include:

  • Your car keys
  • Your wallet
  • Your insurance information
  • Your driver’s license

If you leave your valuables in the car and it is damaged or completely destroyed, you could be in a difficult situation. That’s why it’s important for you to keep your wits about you during an emergency situation.
Know which locations are safe
Not all waiting locations are made the same, so make sure you find a good spot.

Most importantly, stay in a location at least within eyesight of your vehicle. That will help a professional towing service locate you and get you out of danger as quickly as possible.

If on a freeway, make sure you either get off the shoulder or as far off as possible. Also, don’t stand so close to your vehicle that if it is truck you could be injured.

It’s best to find whatever high ground is available. Again, if you feel you are in particular danger, call the police and ask for assistance.

Keep your vehicle running to stay warm
In the cold temperatures of winter, your body can quickly decrease in temperature, causing hypothermia. Keep your vehicle running with the heat blasting to make sure you stay warm.

If you’ve ran out of gas, stay inside your vehicle and don’ open the door. Leaving the door closed will keep any residual heat trapped in your car while you wait.

If you happened to lock yourself out of your vehicle, and its very cold, you can hunker down on the side of your vehicle out of the wind. Keeping your body close together will help preserve body heat. Use your vehicle as a wind block to get out of the wind!

In conclusion …
To stay out of danger while waiting on a tow truck, follow these tips:

  • Get out of the way – Make sure your vehicle is out of the right-of-way before exiting your car
  • Watch yourself and valuables – Do not accept free rides and watch your possessions
  • Find a safe spot – Look for high ground and keep your car in sight

We have some of the fastest tow trucks in Fort Wayne, so if you don’t want to be waiting on the road for hours, call our office for emergency roadside services.