If you’re looking to move a vehicle that has been in an accident or broken down, you might be tempted to do it yourself.
You’ve got a truck, you’ve got a trailer. Why not give it a shot?

Well, unfortunately for the amateur towers out there, there are a number of hidden pitfalls in do-it-yourself towing that can be avoided by contracting with a professional.

Here are just a few reasons why you should hire a professional towing service versus trying it for yourself.
Risk to yourself and others
Despite what you may think, towing is a dangerous possession and untrained towers could be a danger to themselves and others.

If you are attempting to load and tow a vehicle on a busy street, not following the proper precautions could present a problem. Towing requires emergency lighting that you may not have on you to warn other drivers.

In addition, towing on major thoroughfares could put you in even greater danger.
Lack of proper equipment
If you’ve got a pickup and a flatbed, you might think you’re ready to tow. But don’t be fooled. Safe towing requires more than just what’s on hand.

Professional towing services not only have qualified vehicles that can quickly and safely load a vehicle. They also have connection accessories amateurs do not. That means better connections between a truck and bed.

If you don’t have those accessories, trying to tow a vehicle can damage your own vehicle.
Watch towing capacity
Most consumer vehicles aren’t rated to tow the amount of weight needed for heavier vehicles. That means you could be in a position of exceeding your maximum towing capacity and damaging your transmission.

Professional towing services offer vehicles that have high maximum towing capacities. They also sometimes have the benefit of multiple tow truck types to accommodate most weights.

Moreover, professional towing services can make the right determination on what tow truck to use so you don’t have to do the math. Obviously, knowing the exact weight of the vehicle you want to tow can be difficult if not outright impossible.
Driver error
Perhaps the best quality a professional towing service provides is drivers familiar with towing.

For the amateur tow truck driver, you may not be familiar with the driving style necessary for towing.

Some of the differences include:

  • Maintaining a constant rate of speed
  • Avoiding braking or accelerating too quickly
  • Accommodating the length of your trailer and vehicle behind you

All of those examples should indicate that professional experience matters in towing.
In conclusion …
Just because you have some of the tools to tow a vehicle, it’s best to trust a professional.

Here are just a few reasons a professional towing service is the right choice:

  • Risky for you and others – Not having experience in loading and towing a vehicle can be a danger to yourself and others on the road
  • Lack of equipment – Amateur tow truck drivers don’t have the range of connection accessories available to professionals
  • Towing capacity – Exceeding your vehicle’s towing capacity can permanently damage your transmission
  • Driving habits – Professional towers are trained in the right driving habits for towing

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