Well, your worst nightmare has come true. Your car is broken down, and you’re in the position of hiring a professional towing company to get you out of a pickle.

With cell phone in hand, you might be asking: How is this going to go?

That’s why having a good sense of what to expect when hiring a professional towing service can give you piece of mind. What questions a towing service will ask you and how much you can expect to spend will help you be prepared for your towing experience.

Here’s a list of what to expect when hiring a towing service in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Have answers ready
When you call a local towing service after an accident or breakdown, you may be asked a list of questions, including:

  • What’s the make and model of your car?
  • Are your vehicle’s back two tires operational?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Are you in a safe location?

All of these questions will provide the towing service with enough information to know whether they can offer the service to tow your vehicle.

If you vehicle has been severely damaged, the tow truck driver may need to provide a flat-bed tow truck to assist you. Otherwise, a wheel-lift tow truck could be the answer.
Insurance is also a significant consideration. Certain insurance plans will cover towing in the event of a breakdown, freeing you from fees.

The location of your vehicle is also important. Towing your vehicle on a quiet side street is a much different operation than pulling your car off a freeway. Make sure you tell the service where you are and what condition your vehicle is in.
Look for proper documentation
While towing services are plentiful in most locations, there are disreputable companies out there. That’s why it’s important in an emergency to look for signs of proper documentation on a responding tow truck.

The first thing to look for is an actual decal with the company’s name on it. Sometimes towing services will send out unmarked tow trucks. If in doubt, ask the driver for their identification so you don’t scammed.

Also, look a state department of transportation number on the vehicle and other relevant ID. The more documentation the driver is able to give you, the more likely he is to be trustworthy.
Be prepared
To head off emergencies, particularly in Fort Wayne, find a name and phone number of a reputable towing service ahead of time. Having a number ready to go at all times can make a headache of towing a little more tolerable.
But in an emergency, follow these precautions and avoid any unplanned problems:

  • Have answers ready – A towing service, like Fort Wayne Towing, will likely ask you information on your vehicle, whether you’re insured and where your car is located.
  • Look for documentation – Look for the company name on the responding tow truck and ask for a department of transportation number if you are in doubt